Category: General

Added "In This Issue" page to site

This page shows the readers what is is in the current edition of participating publications. Currently showing a CA publication. More to follow...

Major Improvements!

Many senior publications are now just one or two clicks away on the  SeniorMedia site . Added a Billboard ad ( 970px wide by 250px tall ) to the National view and on the Nevada view.  There is now a view for almost every state and a national view.    

Site Update

Added SSL security to site, added WSV New York to Carousal. 

Site Updates

Added descriptions for most of the states, still needs some work.

Added carousel to home page

The home page now contains featured senior publications. This is a great place for a publication to get exposure. Need to determine maximum number of cover images and links to offer.

Working on the site!

Added a SVG map of the USA, time on page indicator, and static navigation bar. is the site